At the Engagement Advantage our 6 month transformational coaching programmes for leaders deliver long term, sustainable change. The programmes consist of 6 1 hour coaching sessions which can either be in person or virtual. They provide a safe environment for reflection, development and growth leading to optimum performance and greater wellbeing.  Our approach is practical, supportive and results oriented, equipping leaders to better deal with their future challenges, whatever their current situation. We offer leadership coaching programmes to meet the needs of leaders at different stages of their career and with different organisational challenges:

Transitioning to leadership

When employees first move into a leadership role there is a need to adapt their style and build confidence quickly. The change in role should not be under-estimated. Coaching can provide new leaders with the space for reflection and the insight required to accelerate performance quickly.

Leading through change

During times of organisational change, the role of a leader also needs to change. Resilience, effective communication and emotional intelligence become more important than ever. Coaching gives leaders an opportunity to reflect on their current style and identify where they need to focus to enable them to increase their effectiveness and motivate their team.

Building employee engagement

Some leaders require additional support to succeed in a people management role and to build engaged teams. Coaching provides an opportunity to focus on specific engagement challenges. It enables leaders to reflect, build plans for development and change and ultimately increase employee engagement.

Driving high performance

Leaders need to continually develop their skills and adapt to changing circumstances. As leaders become more senior, they get less feedback on their style and approach and become more removed from the issues affecting employees. Coaching helps leaders to become more self-aware, to change behaviours and drive performance improvement.

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