• Kate Pritchard

5 ways leaders can demonstrate their commitment to employee engagement

It was great to speak to the team at Smarp recently about the impact of leadership styles on employee engagement.

Here I summarise some of the key points from that interview as 5 ways all leaders can show they are committed to employee engagement:

1. Take a people focused approach. Make sure that you are regularly interacting with employees, and focus on building relationships, developing your team and listening to their concerns. This will help to build trust which is critical for employee engagement.

2. Be authentic. To build trust it is also important to remain true to who you are rather than trying to be someone else.

3. Prioritise communication. Employees want to be inspired about the future direction of the company and kept up to date with the latest company developments. Without regular, clear information, rumours will start.

4. Be a great listener. It is really important that employees feel they have a voice – that their view is listened to, appreciated and can make a difference. Really listen to what employees are saying and use this feedback to make improvements wherever possible.

5. Share responsibility for employee engagement. As a leader, improving employee engagement should not be your responsibility alone. Empower employees to make changes to the way they work to improve employee engagement.

You can read my full interview with Smarp here.

Photo by Amy Hirschi on Unsplash