We find that the managers that do the best job of engaging their teams tend to be “people people” – they create a great environment and nurture and support their teams. But management style and capability vary enormously within every organisation, and some managers need more support than others. At the Engagement Advantage we support managers to be more engaging managers through a range of training workshops. 

Our workshops are ideal for groups of 8-10 managers, and are: 

  • bite-size to easily fit within the working day, 

  • interactive to ensure that skills are transferred, 

  • action focused to ensure that they lead to behavioural change.

Workshop topics include:

Building team engagement 

In this workshop managers will learn why employee engagement matters, and the proactive steps they can take to develop a positive working environment, motivate their employees and build team engagement.

Successful action planning

Following an employee engagement survey, it is important that actions are put in place to improve engagement. This can be a daunting process, but in this workshop we will help managers to use their survey data to create positive change that makes a difference.

Coaching skills for managers

Coaching is a highly effective way for people to develop in the workplace. This workshop will enable managers to take a coaching approach with their team, helping to build capability and drive high performance.

Managing resilience

Resilience is critical for high performance in today’s workplaces. By developing a greater understanding of what influences resilience and the workplace conditions necessary to ensure high levels of wellbeing, managers will be more able to support resilience in the workplace.

Personal effectiveness

When managers have a high workload and competing demands on their time, a high level of personal effectiveness is essential to enable them to thrive. This workshop will help managers to become more focused, productive and intentional in their approach.

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