At the Engagement Advantage we ensure that you use research effectively to improve employee engagement. Whether that be through a formal engagement survey, ad hoc qualitative research or consultancy, we use our expertise to deliver an effective solution. Typical challenges we support clients with include:

Getting the most from your employee survey  – If you are taking a self-serve approach, you may need support with specific aspects of your survey. We can work with you to design the right survey approach, develop an effective questionnaire and interpret your results:

  • Choosing the right approach to measurement - There are so many choices for running an employee survey– self serve or external provider, census or pulses, annual or monthly. We can support you in understanding the employee research landscape and advising on the best solution based on your specific requirements.

  • Questionnaire designa successful survey requires a well-designed questionnaire tailored to your needs. We can support questionnaire design based on our extensive experience in this field, incorporating employee focus groups and stakeholder interviews if required. 

  • Results interpretationthe amount of data following an engagement survey can be overwhelming. We can help you to distil the key messages and develop priority recommendations for action.

Improving employee engagement The most effective strategies to improve engagement will vary in every workplace, so first we need to be really clear of where to focus to make a difference.  Surveys are a great starting point, but focus groups and workshops can also be really valuable:

  • Focus groups with employees are a great way to understand workplace issues more clearly and identify solutions. As experienced qualitative researchers we have significant experience of facilitating employee focus groups to understand key engagement challenges and shape workplace improvements.

  • Management workshops - Facilitated workshops are a creative and engaging way to kickstart change. We regularly facilitate management workshops to prioritise areas for action and co-create solutions.


Once we are clear of where to focus to improve engagement, we can work with you to put strategies in place to increase engagement. We can also help to build management capability through training and coaching. 

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